Uniforms Instrument & Equipment Hire


This is the current uniform requirements for each of our Bands.

Concert Band

  • Long white shirt
  • Black pants & black belt
  • Black shoes & socks
  • Red vest

Marching Uniform:

  • Long white shirt
  • Black pants / skirt
  • Black shoes & socks
  • White marching hat & feather
  • Red vest

Evening Uniform:

  • Long white shirt
  • Black pants / long black skirt
  • Black shoes & socks
  • Reverse vest
  • Bow tie


  • White Shirt
  • Black pants or skirt
  • Black shoes and socks
  • white dress shirts (both men and women) should have firm pointed collars.
  • black skirts for ladies should be of straight design and long length, worn with black stockings.
  • ladies – red scrunchies are worn when wearing the red side of the vest, and black scrunchies are worn when wearing the reverse side of the vest.
  • black dress trousers should have no logos on them.

If you have any uniform questions, please see the Property Officer.


Are available for hire at $25 per year. A once off security deposit of $100 is to be paid before an instrument is taken home. The security deposit is refundable when the instrument is returned and after inspection, is found to be in as good condition when issued and is in good playing order. General wear and tear is taken into account.